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Spotify reduction etudiant

spotify reduction etudiant

Why is this an issue?
It appears as if Spotify have decided to rab neutrino 600 womens sleeping bag join the majority of online streaming platforms and reduce their streaming target loudness from -12 LUF to -14 lufs!
Counterintuitively, using this target level will optimize your files for playback from SoundCloud and other non-normalised services, and may improve your overall sound online, and when those services do adopt a loudness target your tracks are already primed and good.Spotifys -14 lufs decision has positive, deep and wide ramifications for every tier of music production as integrated lufs target levels take front and center.Démarrer Spotify Premium, offre soumise aux, conditions générales de Spotify Étudiants.Soundcloud was never built on its reputation for quality audio, but a target loudness value of -14 lufs/ -1 dBTP is highly recommended regardless of your competitions levels.Annulez à tout moment.So regardless of how much you worked on squeezing a few extra dB out of your hyper-compressed master, if an online streaming service measures your track as higher than -14 lufs (integrated) your music will GET turned down!Apple Music: Which service is the streaming king?

Streaming through, or from, a mobile device is how most of your audience will engage with your music outside of Live/DJ sets, so optimising for streaming makes sense.
This is because as of now, most online streaming services are matching the perceived loudness of tracks to each other to a unified target level.
Conclusion, its time to put Loudness for Loudness sake in the past where it belongs.Although, it is unclear as of this writing whether the new loudness targets are being met in all territories and may require updating to the latest version of Spotify.SoundCloud and Bandcamp are a free-for-all at the moment with incredibly loud music being uploaded every day, and it sucks that dance and electronic music is the last bastion of the loudness war. .Unfortunately for us electronic music makers we still have to deal with SoundCloud and Bandcamp, and neither service even seems to be aware of the loudness issues facing their content.It means that you dont have to care about your tracks being loud anymore.12 lufs is way too loud - as explained in depth here;, so this move brings Spotify into the same Loudness ballpark as tidal who are normalising to no louder than -14 lufs, who seem to be normalising high view count videos to -14.Audio luminaries such as Bob Katz, Thomas Lund, George Massenberg and many more have been working with streaming services to bring their normalization targets down to optimal levels.