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Sec x reduction formula

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Sometimes we may be interested in deriving a reduction formula for an integral, or a general identity for a seemingly complex integral.
Now recall that cos 2 x 1 - sin.
Top, reduction formula is a technique of integration. .Reduction formulas are not always simple though as we'll see in example.By substituting these back into the integration by parts identity, we obtain: (3) beginalign int xn ex : dx xn ex - int ex cdot nxn-1 : dx int xn ex : dx xn ex - n int xn-1 ex: dx endalign.Applying this substitution we obtain: (2) beginalign int sin n x : dx - sinn-1 x cos x (n - 1)int (1 - sin 2 x) sin n-2 x : dx int sin n x : dx - sinn-1 x cos x (n - 1)int.Reduction Formula for Cosine: int cos n x : dx frac1n sin x cos n-1 x fracn-1n int cos n-2 x :.Now let's try to evaluate this integral using.We can accomplish this by substitution, but first let's rewrite this integral by splitting it up in the following way such that int sin n x : dx int sinn-1 x sin x :.Formula of Reduction, back to Top, some reduction formulas are mentioned below : Examples Of Reduction Formula.And let's let u sec 2 x and dv sec n - 2 x :.Let's first let u sinn-1 x and let dv sin x :.

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Recall that for integration by parts, int u : dv uv - int v :.
For example, let's prove the reduction formula for int sin n x :.
For n 1, int sec n x : dx fractan x sec n - 2 xn - 1 fracn - 2n-1 int sec n - 2 x :.Reduction formula enables us to solve the powers of elementary functions, products of transcendental functions, polynomials of arbitrary degree and the function which can't be integrated directly. .Reduction formula tann x sec.Solution: Given int (sec x)3dx, use the reduction formula int (sec x)ndx fracsecn-2x tan xn-1 fracn-2n-1 int secn-2x dx where n 3 int (sec x)3dx fracsec3-2x tan x3-1 frac3-23-1 int sec3-2x dx int (sec x)3dx frac12 int sec(x) dx frac12 sec(x) tan(x) int (sec x)3dx.Indefinite Integration by Parts.Example 1, prove the following reduction formula: int xn ex : dx xn ex - n int xn-1 ex :.Back to Top, some solved problems on reduction formulas are given below : Solved Example, question: Integrate int left (sec x right )3dx?It thus follows that: (1) beginalign quad int sin n x : dx - sinn-1 x cos x - int - cos x cdot (n-1) sin n-2 x cos x : dx int sin n x : dx - sinn-1 x cos x int cos.The use of reduction formula make integral problem easier.So for n 2, then int sin n : dx frac1n -sinn-1 x cos x (n - 1)int sin n-2 x :.