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Type: Active Recharge Time: 2 rooms Item code promo princesse tam tam 2017 Pool: Item Room Cupid's Arrow ItemID: 48 "Piercing shots" Isaac's tears now have a piercing effect which allows them to travel through enemies whilst damaging them.
If the spacebar is held for too long (about 1 second) when it has no charge, you will take damage.
Type: Active Recharge Time: 6 rooms.
Little Steven fires tears at a rate of 1 tear per second with a slightly longer range than other familiars.Sumner ( Disney Research Zurich Forrester Cole, Mark Meyer, Tony DeRose ( Pixar Animation Studios Markus Gross ( ETH Zurich and Disney Research Zurich ) Simulating articulated subspace self-contact Yun Teng ( University of California, Santa Barbara Miguel.If Isaac is damaged while the effect is active, it will deactivate.Type: Passive, Familiar Item Pool: Item Room, Gish Boss Little Steven ItemID: 100 "Psychic friend" A familiar that follows Isaac and fires homing concours gendarmerie royale 2018 tears that deal.5 damage each.Owens ( University of California, Davis ) Point Morphology Stephane Calderon, Tamy Boubekeur ( Telecom ParisTech ) Floating Scale Surface Reconstruction Simon Fuhrmann, Michael Goesele ( TU Darmstadt ) Facial Performance Enhancement Using Dynamic Shape Space Analysis ( TOG Paper ) Amit.Can create up to a maximum of 5 spiders in the room at one time.

This item only costs 1/2 a heart to use if you have The Wafer or the Cancer item.
Type: Passive Item Pool: None (Steven boss only) Pentagram ItemID: 51 "DMG up".0 Damage.
James ( Cornell University ) Refractive Radiative Transfer Equation ( TOG Paper ) Marco Ament, Christoph Bergmann, Daniel Weiskopf ( University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany ) Continuous Projection for Fast promo provence halles L1 Reconstruction Reinhold Preiner, Oliver Mattausch, Murat Arikan ( Vienna University of Technology Renato Pajarola.Diego Gutierrez ( Universidad de Zaragoza Aaron Hertzmann ( Adobe Research ) Exploratory Font Selection Using Crowdsourced Attributes Peter O'Donovan, Janis Libeks ( University of Toronto Aseem Agarwala ( Adobe Systems, Inc.Nico Pietroni ( Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione Denis Zorin ( New York University ) Exploring Quadrangulations ( TOG Paper ) Chi-Han Peng ( Arizona State University Michael Barton, Caigui Jiang ( King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Peter Wonka ( Arizona State.Type: Passive Item Pool: Boss Room Jaw Bone ItemID: 548 "Fetch" A familiar that flies across the room every few seconds while firing and damages enemies (2x your tear damage) Can also be used like the Boomerang to pick up consumables on the ground Added.Type: Active Recharge Time: Instant Item Pool: None (Blood donation machine only) Best Friend ItemID: 136 "Friends 'till the end" Places a decoy on the floor which attracts enemies and explodes after a period of time.Type: Passive Item Pool: Item Room 9 Volt ItemID: 116 "Quicker charge" Automatically gives you 1 bar of charge after using your spacebar item.Type: Passive Item Pool: Item Room Death's Touch ItemID: 237 "Penetrative shots DMG up".5 Damage.The Leech deals.5 contact damage per tick.Type: Passive, Tear Modifier Item Pool: Item Room, Devil Room Key Piece #1 ItemID: 238 "?" Increases your chances to find an Angel Room instead of a Devil Room.Basement 1: 2 Soul hearts.

If used during the Mom's Foot or Mom's Heart boss fights, The Bible will kill Mom instantly.
Exclusively drops from one of the horsemen bosses.
Type: Passive Item Pool: Shop Dead Bird ItemID: 117 "Protective buddy" When Isaac takes damage, the dead bird will spawn and attack nearby enemies in the current room for 2 damage per tick.