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Pronounced "tie it's the periodic-table abbreviation for titanium, and just about the only chemistry-class vestige that a rider should sprinkle into the conversation.
Members of the laughing group are not concerned with contesting the finish.
This resistance is noticeably greater where rotational inertia is also a significant component, so lighter wheel rims, spoke code promo wondershare filmora nipples, and tires will permit faster acceleration (or the same acceleration for less expenditure of energy).
Lanterne rouge French for "red lantern as found at the end of a railway train, and the name given to the rider placed last in a race.511 large.For example: "he is trying to jump across".The U-shaped slots that accept the wheel axle.To be riding in a circumstance where much pedaling force is required, such as through mud or up a steep hill, and to fail to generate the required torque, generally a result of over gearing, being a wimp, or picking your line incorrectly.See track.1113 void 1)."Give that guy extra leonidas coffret cadeaux points for his rookie mark.The rider holds on for a variable amount of time to the bottle handed to him by the car occupant, who maintains his grasp on the object, effectively dragging the athlete.A now-discredited Shimano innovation where the chainrings were made intentionally not circular - instead, they were elliptical, in order to (allegedly) smooth the power delivery, by giving the rider an effectively lower gear for part of the spin cycle blast.À bloc, riding or going "à bloc" means giving it all en direct de l univers concours chine you've got, going all out, riding as hard as one possibly can (which can be risky for it leaves one in a state where recovery is needed, and therefore vulnerable to being attacked).

Tête de la course From French, literally "head of the race" - the leading cyclist or group of cyclists, when separated from (in front of) the peloton.
They come in two major types, quill and threadless.
Domestique A rider whose job it is to support and work for other riders in their team (literally "servant" in French).
The dotted-line scar you get from gouging your shin on the chainring.The reduction in drag is dramatic; in the middle of a well-developed group it can be as much.60 also known as the field.Not all mountain bike races contain a technical assistance zone, instead requiring riders to carry whatever tools and spare parts they may need.Speeds higher than 60 km/h are to be expected.11 bunny 1).Derogatory term for people with expensive bikes that never actually ride.A rider who excels primarily in sprint finishes on flat to mildly uphill terrain.Used to describe how exceptional something is like a "Phat Air" might be a really styled out trick as well as being "large that is, very high.

Abbreviation for National Collegiate Cycling Association.
Useful for clearing obstructions, such as curbs, potholes, logs.
A bicycle helmet standard set by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.