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Likewise by a physics that has been driven away from the code promo cuisse de grenouille consideration of single, well-defined things and humeur concours events to a statistical treatment of aggregations of possibility.
Steve Talbott : The Reduction Complex.
Incoherence Materialism, mechanism, and reductionism: their presuppositions and tendencies are all of a piece, because they are all expressions of a single cognitive gesture.But these emergent realities are always seen as derivative in relation to the lower- level, more fundamental elements, whereas those lower-level elements are not derivative in relation to the emergent realities.The horse's movement in time and space is seamless, transcending the static isolation of the snapshot.But despite this singleness of purpose - or, rather, because such a single-minded gesture becomes sterile without the life and movement of a counterbalancing gesture - the presuppositions of the Reduction Complex betray a striking incoherence.If we confront a group of machine parts whose external relations to each other haven't been clarified, we lump the entire collection together and call it a "black box".Subtract all qualitative content from your thoughts about things, and there will be no things left.Knowledge assignable in this way is knowledge one wants to hold in one's closed fist while saying "mine".This is why the physicist, Nick Herbert, felt compelled to remind us that "the unremarkable and commonsense view that ordinary objects are themselves made of the physicist's theoretical objects is actually the blackest heresy of establishment physics" (1985,.Fighting for Possession of the Truth Moreover, we needn't look to religion to see the inner gesture of reductionism on vivid display.

Then we may leap to the breathtakingly naïve conclusion that the aggregation of bricks is what explains the house.
Already in the mid-nineteenth century Michael Faraday was thinking along similar lines when he suggested that "matter is not merely mutually penetrable, but each atom extends, so to say, throughout the whole of the solar system, yet always retaining its own centre of force" "d.
Number of downloads: 1595, ingredients : New pharmaceutical form, curative plants.If we were thinking in terms of the world's actual presentation of itself instead of theoretical atoms and molecules, the first thing that would strike us forcibly is that the hydrogen and oxygen gases have wholly disappeared into the water.It is almost impossible for us not to think of water as being made from hydrogen and oxygen atoms.It's like saying the stream is the result of its vortices.This substance is essentially and irreducibly qualitative.