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Contact your PDA bahds regional office as well as the Health Department.
Report any domestic animal showing clinical signs of rabies to your PDA Regional office.
For use by owners to request extension of expired or expiring approvals.
They act lethargic, have a runny nose and eyes, may appear confused or disoriented or become aggressive.This document is intended to clarify some of the differences.For use by engineers/licensed architects, operators.During the time the virus is traveling from the bite site, and before the virus has reached the brain and salivary glands, the animal does not have virus in its saliva and is therefore not able to transmit rabies.Additionally, if you are in an area with municipal rabies ordinances, you must comply with the local requirements.A dog, cat, or other domestic animal that dies or is euthanized while quarantined for suspicion of having rabies that has exposed a human, dog, cat or another domestic animal shall be subjected to an official rabies test, and disposed of in accordance with Sections.Rabies Testing: Rabies testing is a free service offered to the public, although there promo encre hp 364 may be costs incurred in shipping the sample to the lab.During a quarantine demande de remise gracieuse urssaf suite à un redressement or observation period, the exposed animal is confined and observed to see if abnormal behavior suggestive of active rabies infection develops.Get answers using Miscellaneous Contracted Services and Programs The Contracted Services Policies and Procedures Manual as well as common forms used by departments in the County for human service contracts can be found at DutchessNY.Most Requested Forms, application for Access to Dept.

When an animal bites or otherwise potentially exposes a human to rabies, the Department or local health authority shall, after the case of an animal bite is reported, determine whether the animal shall be immediately destroyed and its head submitted to one of the State.
If the domestic animal showing signs of rabies has exposed another animal and dies within the 10 subsequent days, it must be tested for rabies.
For use by business owners and operators.Engineering Report for Swimming Pool Plans (DOH-1309) (.pdf).If a quarantine is imposed, the Department or the local health officer may order the owner or custodian of a biting animal to have the animal examined for symptoms of rabies during the quarantine period by a veterinarian licensed by the State Board of Veterinary.Low Yield Wells Approval Application (WW-2) (.pdf).Confidential Case Report (DOH-389) (.pdf for use by Health Care Providers. .Clinical signs may suggest rabies, but the only definitive diagnosis is made in the laboratory.