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Rab rain jacket

Its light enough and small enough that there is very little reason for me to ever not have this jacket in my pack.
If it code promo jpg juillet 2017 earned a high score and it doesn't outprice the rest of the pack, you know you're getting a good value.
Down is the ultimate in insulation: it has the highest warmth-to-weight ratio and is highly compressible.
Read review : Arc'teryx Cerium LT Hoody Analysis and Test Results The deeper in the woods or the mountains you go, the more important the things you carry with you become (and how much those things weigh).It is the high quality down which allows these jackets to get so small.We also appreciate chest pockets for ease of access while climbingand because it helps keep essential items, like snacks or electronics, warm and accessible.Read review: Feathered Friends Eos - Women's, top Pick for Ultralight Down Jacket.Hiking in the foothills of Wyomings Wind River Range in the Sierra Designs Elite Cagoule Jacket, which emphasizes ventilation rather than fabric breathability.As alternatives, consider the Outdoor Products Packframe Poncho or the REI Travel Umbrella.However, their form-fitting silhouettes create a problem: near complete loss of airflow.Its totally overbuilt for backpacking.

Water Resistance - 5 5, down fill : 900 fill power goose down.
Why waterproof-breathable fabrics fail, in my experience, waterproof-breathable fabrics are neither waterproof nor breathable, especially during extended use and/or if the garment is not brand new.
This may be because you're carrying all your gear on your back, cramming it into a small bike commute bag, or stuffing it into dry bags.The Angel-Wing Movement design that is mentioned on Marmots website causes the armpit area of the jacket to feel a little tight also.The best jackets were those with the highest quality fill power down (800 and above which also overlaps with our next rating metric.Right: Minimalist 7-oz rain shell, perfect for uncommon and short-lived rain events. That waterproof-breathable is an oxymoron is perhaps the first clue that this fabric technology might be overhyped.A sturdier fabric will be bulkier, as will a jacket with other materials, like fleece or soft shell, integrated into.This long-chain (C8) fluorocarbon-based treatment easily degrades due to abrasion and contaminants (e.g.The Outdoor Research Foray Jacket, for instance, features a two-way front zipper and side zippers running from the waist hem to the armpit.Durability The durability of a jacket's material is important when spending over 200.

When expected conditions are at the other end of the spectrum reliable and long-lasting rain events, high humidity, and/or warm temperatures WP/B fabrics really struggle.
These were our favorite models to wear on winter vacations to our favorite snowy wonderlands, especially great for those traveling from warmer climates and who therefore are not as acclimated to the cold.
Dripping ice climbs offered an excellent real-world opportunity to observe the jackets' water repelling abilities.