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After retiring from politics in 1965, Butler was appointed Master of boite cadeau prestige smartbox Trinity College, Cambridge.
Jago 2015, p429 Tacitus wrote this of the Emperor Galba Jago 2015, pxiii-iv Jago 2015, p443-, p396, 433-4 Jenkins, Roy, Portraits Miniatures, Bloomsbury, London, 2011.
He had likened the "Quad" to the Fox-North Coalition and had to urge Home, who had agreed to stand only as a compromise candidate, not to withdraw.184 Conference and customary processes edit In October 1963 Macmillan, having just decided to stay on and to lead the party into the next general election, was taken ill on the eve of the Conservative Party Conference.177 The media were taken by surprise by the choice, but Butler confessed in his memoirs that while there was a sizeable anti-Butler faction on the backbenches, there was no such anti-Macmillan faction.Butler did not at first agree to serve, as he had reservations about whether Home, a peer and not a moderniser, was a suitable Prime Minister.Richard Austen Butler, Baron Butler of Saffron Walden, KG, CH, PC, DL (9 December 1902 generally known.14 At the end of his second year (June 1923 he achieved a First in French Part I and was awarded an 80 scholarship to supplement his 300 parental allowance (approximately 4,000 and 15,000 at 2014 prices).

191 In March 1962 Butler was made head of the newly created Central African Department.
71 Throughout the summer of 1939 Butler continued to lobby for closer Anglo-German relations 72 73 and for Britain to lean on Poland to reach agreement with Germany.
The counterargument was that the balance of payments would have worsened, as any reduction in demand for imports would have been swamped by the rise in prices of imported goods.
131 Post-war edit After the Conservatives were defeated in the 1945 general election, Butler emerged as the most prominent figure in the rebuilding of the party.The latter réduction zooplus passed by one vote on This was the only time the Coalition suffered a significant defeat in a division.A b Butler 1971,.158 Macmillan recorded (24 August) that Butler was "uncertain" and "wanted more time" before resorting to force.Contents Early life edit Butler was born in Attock Serai, Attock, India, to Sir Montagu Sherard Dawes Butler of the Indian Civil Service and his wife, Anne Gertrude (née Smith).282 In fiction edit In the alternative reality depicted in John Wyndham 's short story Random Quest, where the Second World War did not happen, Butler is the prime minister.

113 Although in the end a majority of the 9,000 Anglican schools became fully funded and were absorbed into the state system, 3,000 of them accepted 50 aided status, not the 500 anticipated.