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Promo pain surprise

Rasslin' Also wrasslin', southern style, or more specifically, Memphis style.
"WWE WrestleMania 34 results: Braun Strowman picks 10 year old WWE fan 'Nicholas' as mystery shadowhunters season 3 episode 9 promo partner".
Tweener A morally ambiguous wrestler who is neither a face nor heel (an in-betweener 1 also sometimes describes a heel who is usually cheered or a face who is usually jeered, especially when two faces or two heels face each other.The worked lowering (relegation) of a wrestler's status in the eyes of the fans.1 This is usually done with a beat down.Retrieved December 7, 2014.1 book Also booker and booking.2, this is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.RAW Christmas Feedback.".R.'s Place blog.Lock up Also link.Hardway A wrestler drawing blood by any means other than blading, typically from a legitimate strike or potato.

The Stone Cold Truth (p.83) a b c "Grantland Dictionary: Pro Wrestling Edition".
Carry The act of one wrestler guiding a typically less experienced or skilled performer through a match.
Ref bump A scenario where the referee of the match takes a bump and is knocked out and taken out of the match, temporarily or permanently.30 worker Another term for professional wrestler.Usually, m online orders can be returned for free to a local Target store within 90 days of purchase.1 Muta scale An informal measure among some fans of the amount of blood lost by a wrestler during a match.The Stone Cold Truth.No-show A wrestler's or performer's unplanned absence from a show in which they were booked, often leading to last minute changes on the show's card.When the promo is aimed at a specific opponent (which can be an individual, team, stable or faction it is said to be cut "on" the target.1 Gorilla position The staging area just behind the curtain where wrestlers come out to the ring, named after Gorilla Monsoon.Second A person accompanying, or "seconding a wrestler to a match.(noun Anything planned to happen, 2 or a "rationalized lie".