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Promo code panini sticker

promo code panini sticker

Goosebumps (Topps, 1996) 54 card set with artwork from the childen's "scary" book series of the same name.
( See backs.) Flash Gordon (Jasinski, ) Black and white photos taken from 1930s Buster Crabbe's Flash Gordon movie serials make up three different amour sucré bon de réduction sets in this series.
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The designs were.
Retail: 12 Fiends and Machines (Donruss, 1970) 66 color card sticker set similar to Odd Rods, but each of the 33 images were made up using two stickers.3 1/2 x 4 1/4".( See gift shop.) Hippy Monsters Stickers (Dunkin,., 1974?) Somewhat mild and stylized cartoon monsters in an 84 sticker set.Alien (Topps, 1979) 84 color cards and 22 sticker set depicting the movie of the same name.Croatia: The road.They are numbered 1 - 4 and feature different monsters of the Outer Limits, drawn in color.The black borders are distinctive in that the tops and bottoms have white film sprockets printed on them.There may idée de cadeau pour copine have been more in the set, since the album was meant to be returned (once filled) to win certain prizes.Hentyh (Eskeletor) Monster Stickers that wrapped around gum (Hentyh/Neptune, 2014) Another set of seven different color stickers measuring approx.

These have a gold picture frame border.
55 card set, quite rare.
Retail: 250-300 EX (See review article.) See more of the set.
(It features vampires, bats and zombies.) Retail: Unknown.
There are also 14 cards with "gag" type services offered (like free haircuts with giant scissors bigger than the patron.) Retail: 40 Becker Prize Cards (L.M.addams Family (Donruss, 1964) 66 black white card set of photo cards show casing the 1960s TV show of the same name.The backs are simple text.The gray backs contain an ongoing narrative that was discontinued when the 4th series was lost.For more on Buffy, visit one of the many websites devoted completely the Buffy card craze.Measures 2 3/8" x 3 3/8".Retail: 50 Freaky Monsters - Arlis Cover Art Classics (Freaky Monsters, 2010- although no date is provided on the cards.) Series of 36 cards featuring the full color illustrations by Arlis.

Also included are the typical dwarfs, elves, ferries, etc, so common to fantasy/ mythology.
400 factory sets were made and sold with a sketch card and a metal card and other extras for.