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Nokia lumia 635 promo

Quick Links, lCD / Digitizer Screen Installation, important: read ALL instructions, watcepair video AND test NEW screen before Installing.
If failure - clean connectors with 99 alcohol exercice maths concours pompier and repeat steps described above.
The glass screen attracts dust and fingerprints and the protective film will help reduce this.
Ensure the flex cables are seated correctly with a "clicking sound".Attach original home button and power on your phone or tablet.Don't bend the flex cables.Nos moyens de paiement, j'ai lu les conditions générales sur la protection des données et j'y adhère sans réserve.Check for bocal cadeau recette cookies any dust or debris in between the flex cables and motherboard.Use proper grounding techniques such as wearing an anti-static bracelet or touch a steel table leg to discharge any static before starting work on anything.Warning - Dont force the connectors together until they are properly lined.Politique de protection des données, acceptez-vous les conditions sur la protection de vos données?A room that's not carpeted would be ideal.These screws are of different size and length.Confirm the phone is powered off before starting the repair.

If you put a screw into the wrong place, your phone could be damaged.
Do not remove protective screen film/ cover.
Additional household items that will help to have on hand: Scotch tape, hair dryer or heat gun, playing card or credit card.
If a part doesn't fit quite right, don't force.Repair Videos back up your device via iCloud concours psychomotricien 2018 les mureaux or iTunes before proceeding.Make sure to remove the red/purple static protection sheet from the metal on the back of the LCD (using small tab sticking out).All trademarks, logos, brands are the property of their respective owners.Test if the image and touch screen (all letters) are working.

Keep track of screws.
Watch a repair video before starting the repair.
Warning - Do not press the left and upper corners of the screen, otherwise it may cause lines on the screen.