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Nissan leaf reduction gear

nissan leaf reduction gear

Button up the undertray and go drive around the block.
Come up with 1308.94?
Venting the brakes at both ends of the car offers several advantages cooler brake operation, longer component life, improved performance, along with potentially less maintenance.
With these givens, at 60 miles per hour these tires will turn 837 RPM.Then remove hose, let the oil level out and install the fill plug.Update This article was written in 2010 and applies to the 20 models of the Nissan leaf.It really is a straight forward procedure almost not requiring this thread, but if you are 50/50 on doing this yourself then this should give you the confidence you need first off, tools you need a jack to jack up the car edit: a jack.1308.94 RPM divided by 837 RPM equals.56.

A keloid reduction screenshot from the FSM, the torque spec for the plugs is 25 ft-lbs jack the car up on the drivers side at the jacking point take the undertray off locate the drain and fill plugs, drain plug right below the driver side axle, fill.
Why is this important?
This took me about.5 hours leisurely, including driving around the block afterwards.
Simple do the math!Mine had surprisingly little residue on it, i am ok with that.And most likely, you have heard by now that leaf does not use a conventional automatic or manual transmission.They are metal washers, i reused mine, didn't have a problem.This is the type of treatment typically found on more expensive performance oriented vehicles.For instance, we now know that the AC synchronous motor can turn a maximum of 10,390 revolutions per minute (RPM).Turn the power switch OFF.We think that we recall reading that the fastest the leaf has traveled (at least in road tests that we have seen) has been 94 MPH or 95 ballon foot promo MPH, so these calculations are probably fairly accurate.These are based on some European spec that we are not familiar with, but we expect US numbers to be similar.

R efer to TM-21, "Exploded View".
I don't know if the dealer changed the oil after the lessee turned it in but i doubt.