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We were always partners in one way or another.
There are two notes of rose in this jean coutu rabais 50 ans fragrance including a colder Bulgarian rose but I'm still smelling citrus so this is more of an orange rose.
You can put your hand on it if you want; we'll see if that works.
For me this is a more exotic Chanel.If I had to design a gown that matched the code promo sucre d orge frais de port scent it would look like a mahogany or reddish-brown velvety gown, off the shoulders, no sleeves, a matching shawl for your shoulders in a scarlet color, and floor-length skirt.They don't necessarily smell like each other, but they have the same DNA share similar traits.If you wear her in the morning, watch out.Paloma, Coco, Chanel.Before long the Oriental notes of cloves, sandalwood, amber, opoponax and civet emerge.You may rest assured that each incarnation is beautifully crafted and true to the original's scent, except that all other editions are a lot softer, with the volume turned down.OH you were watching Mommy while she was trying to fix the desk drawer that your father refuses to help me with?Oh, gosh, you're even harder now!You're really not supposed to look at Mommy like that.

Spray with a light touch and you get a lovely powder.
She made it into her identity as a Latin woman of color and as a woman in business in the then dog-eat-dog, greed-is-good 1980's New York scene; the same that saw the rise of Leona Helmsley Donald Trump.
Mommy just brushing her hand over.
Clover jasmine join her to provide the scent with a nostalgic allusion to Chanel.
To this day I associate this fragrance with her.She's on you the whole day and into the next day unless you scrub it off or shower.She felt very empowered wearing it and confident, especially during dinners and whenever we went out together to conquer NYC as a couple.Well, I do love the compliments but.I would advise you to apply it with a light hand, like if you were putting on some talc powder, gagner des pco rapidement rosa and go out at night with it as an evening cologne.She perfumed her neck wrists with it, often spritzing on a little over a fur coat.Coco, chanel, nose, jacques Polge, year 1984, manhattan New York 1985.