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Labia majora reduction photos

Sometimes referred to as the vaginal lips, there are two sets of labia that run vertically on either side of the clitoris, urethra and vaginal hole: majora and minora.
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Patient 15506 - Clearwater, FL, patient 17876 - Buford, GA, patient 17876 - Virginia Beach,.These are usually fleshier and may be covered in pubic hair.At our discreet, luxurious and fully accredited surgery and womens health center.Patient 19998 - New Hampshire, patient 21190 - Cedar Rapids,.Departure Date, phuket Surgery Phuket in collaboration with ppsi is Thailands leading provider of plastic surgery procedures.A more extensive study was published in the journal.Call now for a Confidential Consultation!Experience a More Youthful Look in the Vaginal Area, Courtesy.The most common type of this condition that is treated with labiaplasty is when it affects the labia minora.Promotions, implants From THB140,455, surgery Flights Hotel, view Promotions.Labia hypertrophy can affect either the labia majora or minora, and it may only exist on one side (asymmetry).

Although labiaplasty has only recently become popular, the technique has been commonly performed by both gynaecologists and plastic surgeons.
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Patient 35611 - Alexandria, VA, patient 39800 - Tampa, FL, patient 43887 - Charleston,.Both will effectively enhance vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control.With such a broad definition of whats considered normal, its extremely important that as woman, you dont compare yourself to others.For inquiries about our website contact our marketing firm: webmaster/myplasticsurgeon/ca.Patients typically request a pink, smooth labia appearance.As long as you are healthy and your gynaecologist confirms it, you are normal.Enhance Vaginal Muscle Tone, Strength, and Control.

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Many women at my practice tend to notice protruding labia minora following childbirth, something that sometimes corrects itself as they recover from their experience.