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Kymera jet electric bodyboard aerial promo

Designed specifically for Search and Rescue / Life Guard deployment Contact.
Woods was reluctant to provide specific details about the patent-pending system, but did reveal it is similar to the jet pump system used in the early Kymera bbryance code promo jessica prototypes, only far more efficient.
As any go-karter will tell you, the sensation of speed is much enhanced when the rider is positioned closer to the ground code reduction la re or, in this case, the water surface so riders can expect to feel like they are shooting across the surface of the water.More information.Donald Lawrence Spiritual Hip Hop Religion Being Different From Spirituality 247HH Exclusive Mp3.More like this., Check Kymera is available on Kickstarter now!Itw will be great for lifeguards, rescue personnel and just about anyone who is into water sports.The Kymara Jet Body board is an electric bodyboard which you ride by laying on the board.Marine, darren Quick, september 26th, 2012 12 pictures, the Kymera powered body board can reach speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h).

M Music: Endless Possibilities BY: peter mcisaac music Song Link: Licensing Agreement: m/license I have to say, the Kymera Body Board was pretty amazing to see in person.
The battery pack can be recharged from a standard wall outlet in around two hours and the whole board, including the battery, weighs in at 48 lbs (21 kg).
With this in mind, the board features additional grab handles and its deck also doubles as a fold out deployable rescue sled.
Kymara has currently 6 colors to choose from (Yellow, Lime Green, Orange, Red, White, and Pink).
Source: Kymera Body Boards, update: This story was modified on Feb.Electric Bodyboard, the speed depends on the weight of the rider and the riding conditions.Woods is also working on integrating an optional radio fence into these boards that could be operated by a parent or rental operator.Most importantly, the Kymera is nearing commercial availability, with Woods aiming for a release in 2013.Woods says the new hull shape also controls the rate with which water is displaced by the board to act as a kind of shock absorber.