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Garage promo code december 2014

garage promo code december 2014

Both sides scored "7" in TBM!
Happenings: Goodnight My Love/Lillies By Monet (BT Puppy 523)NY/NJ 3 VG '66 pop Herman's Hermits: Wonderful World/Travelling Light (MGM 13354)UK 4 strong VG Charming '65 Mersey hit with nice prod.
July 25, 2018 5, yuval did a great job - I'm looking forward to enjoying my new garage door opener for many years to come!
Easily rivals Barry McGuire's schtick so check it out-Great!
You hardly ever see this stock copy with the B-side.It's Perfect for those times when you are away from home and can't remember if you have closed your garage door or provide access to your home (via garage door) as needed for family, friends, deliveries, etc.Both sides alternate much livelier brighter 45 mono mixes from Outsideinside.Chips Co: Let The Winds Blow/Marbletown (M5 192)New England 65 Strong VG light marks plays VG Ace '65 CT 2-sided throbbing garage driver with twangy echoed guitar and tuff punk vocal off Midwest Vs The Rest #1/Tougher Than Stains LP b/w moody rockin' instro flip.Non-comp and perfect candidate for No No No or Sigh Cry Die comps.Katfish (Catfish Dear Prudence/Street Walkin' (Gonad NC-12)New England 12 VG first press PRE-BIG tree '74 Maine remake (sounds earlier) of Beatles that's really tripped promo tunisair mobile out-produced by legendary producer Bobby Herne of Flat Earth Society/Lazy Smoke-recommended!Totally brilliant songwriting and production off Fading Yellow #11.45 VG plays VG few marks nap first label pre-Phillips.He listened to my needs and knew how to fix my garage door without having to buy a new door.Chantays: I'll Be Back Someday/Beyond (Downey 126)CA 20 str VG DJ wol Terrific '65 CA folkrock jangler from their underrated "Two Sides Of" garage.

Starlites (Soul Generation I Can't See You (Get Hip ghas-16)PA 5 M with M picture sleeve Reissue of '67 Reading PA garage punk killer-alternate version from their 4-star punk 45 on Barclay.
Nervous Norvus: Transfusion/Dig (Dot 15470)Unknown 5 VG LS Insane car crash novelty hit from '58-high watermark for genre!
Prod B-side by Mike Curb.
Note: Has machine stamped OR-135-2/136 in deadwax.Lawrence 1014)Midwest 12 VG plays lights marks nap '66 Chicago IL Blue-eyed Sweet Soul ballad b/w Beatles Dancer.Teddy and the Pandas: The Lovelight/A Day In The City (Timbri 101)New England 8 VG wol local '67 release from MA post Musicor Teddy and the Pandas: We Can't Go On This Way/Smokey Fire (Musicor1190)New England 12 VG LS Lovely '66 MA pair of mellow.Mono mixes from 1st 2nd LPs.Small Faces: Itchycoo Park/I'm Only Dreaming (Immediate 501)UK 6 VG light scuffs slight wol '68 hit Mono mixes from "There Are But 4".

Both sides off lots of comps and great!
Chris Farlowe: Handbags And Gladrags/Everyone Makes A Mistake (UK Immediate IM 065)UK 25 M- 3-prong center Cherry copy of emotive '67 UK Mike D'Abo ballad with haunting harp and lush strings.
Cynthia, Z - Everett, WA March 07, 2013 5 It would be nice to be able to schedule a window of time for installation that works for you instead of being told when the installation would be done.