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English reduction system

A support of clusters, for which communication times inside a node and permis moto promo between nodes may differ (for example, SMP-clusters) is implemented. .
Fortran-DVM and C-DVM languages supports new type of data distribution - distribution by blocks which size is multiple to specified integer.
New debugging methods essentially reducing memory and time resources, necessary to debug real applications, is implemented.
The version.95 is differ from the version.93 in the following: Fortran-DVM is extended by some facilities of Fortran 90 (dynamic arrays, array operations, derivative types, modules and ets.).Multi-dimensional array and distributed array are allowed to use as reduction variable.In DVM-debugger the facilities to control trace size are extended essentially.A new toolkit - DVM-program performance analyzer was included in the version.The format of configuration file, specifying characteristics of target (model) multiprocessor system is changed.Fortran-DVM and C-DVM languages support now data distribution by non-equal blocks and specification of parallel executed program section (task parallelism).Performance of DVM-programs is increased. This distribution is more flexible and convenient to balance processor loading, then distribution by GEN_block format.The version.15 was first version cheque cadeau ici paris xl of DVM-system in source files and with complete set of documentation in Russian and English accessible via internet.The version.07 differs from the version.95 in the following: Fortran-DVM, version.0 is implemented.Another toolkit - DVM-program performance predictor was included in the version.Fortran-DVM and C-DVM languages supported data distribution by equal blocks and corresponding distribution of parallel loop iterations (data parallelism).

The version.82 is differ from the version.15 in the following: In C-DVM and Fortran-DVM languages the concept of reduction variable is extended.
Predictor of DVM-program execution is improved.
Performance analyzer of DVM-programs is improved.
A series of additional facilities is included in the language to increase performance of parallel programs.DVM-system installation in Windows operation systems is essentially improved.This version is extension of Fortran 95 language, as distinct from versions.0 and.0, based on Fortran. .Third version of DVM-system appeared in November 1999.Facility to determine optimal processor arrangement for target system is added.DVM-system can work now on 32-bits versions.

To execute parallel program on large number of processors run-time system (Lib_DVM) was optimized. .
First version of DVM-system appeared in October 1998.
Second version of DVM-system appeared in April 1999.