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Double reduction rear axle

Chassis 27 Fifth wheel Fifth wheel assy, coupler gear 28 Frame Frame assy, front bumper, rear bumper Towing devices 29 Suspension Front ifsi frejus resultat concours 2016 springs Front suspension shock-absorber Rear springs and torque arms Rear suspension balancer with axis 31 Wheels and Hobs Wheel with tire.
Working with Great Care 1) Thanks to the meticulous humanized space design of Ferrari designer, this tractor unit offers quiet working environment with low noise for drivers.
3) This vehicle is characterized by optimal quality and outstanding reliability, ensuring the rate of attendance.
Tractor Unit, a tractor unit is an articulated vehicle composed of a towing engine or tractor and a trailer that carries the freight.
Radiator, radiator suspension, fan cowling, extansion tank.Thickness of body steel(mm floor 8, side back.The tractor and trailer are detachable, that is, the tractor can be used to haul other trailers, or vice versa.Russell Internal Gear Axle.

The White 3- and 5-ton trucks arc equipped with a combination double reduction and internal gear-drive axle.
Cost-efficient and Worry-free Performance 1) Main parts of the tractor unit are strictly tested in accordance with European standard.
The engine features large capacity and great horse power up to 400, available in getting more benefits.
Lightweight and High Strength Frame 1) In the front wide and rear narrow structure, this lightweight frame is made of high strength and low carbon alloy steel.The cylindrical end of the dead axle is of large diameter, and extends nearly to the center line of the spokes, so that the bending moment of the spindle is reduced to a minimum.Differential and semiaxis, cross-axle differential locking mechanism, air piping and cross-axle differentials locking control electric pneumatic valves 25 Intermediate axle.2) Totally made of steel that.5mm thick, this cab in bird's nest design is is about 20 lighter than that of domestic heavy trucks, giving comprehensive protection for drivers and passengers.Wheel-mounted crane Front wheel hub and brake drum Rear wheel hub and brake drum Spare wheel holder Tire pressure control valve Control mechanisms 34 Steering Steering system, assy Steering mechanism with distributor Distributor Steering wheel Steering hydraulic booster (power cylinder) Oil pump Oil tank Steering.Fremont Mais Internal Gear Axle.However, it has a greater unsprung weight than the chain drive.Saic-iveco hongyan mainly produces three types of tractor unit: Hongyan tractor unit, Hongyan Tampa Euro III tractor unit and Hongyan Genlyon National III tractor unit.Clutch: 430 Diaphragm type, steering: ZF technology, front axle: MAN technology.5 ton front axle.

By this method of applying the power to the wheel, a second reduction is obtained between the three gears in the hub case very much like the reduction which takes place between the sprocket wheels of a chain drive.
Speed (km/h 77, max.
Bore/Stroke(mm 126/130, gear box: Fuller 9 speeds (RT11509C)  Fuller type.