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Definition voucher hotel

And Canadian) to mark off so as to indicate approval, correctness, or preference, (Usual Brit.
As depicted graphically transfer fee n a sum of money paid by one football club to another for a transferred player transfer list n a list of football players available for transfer transfer payment n usually pl money received by an individual or family from.
The Royal Arms in Sutton Cheney, Leicestershire, is a place that surpasses any traditional definition.
Travel Agent is a person whose job it is to arrange travel for end clients (individuals, groups, corporations) on behalf of suppliers (hotels, airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, railways, travel insurance, package tours).
Bill 1 n 1 money owed for goods or services supplied an electricity bill 2 a written or printed account or statement of money owed 3 (Chiefly Brit) such an account for food and drink in a restaurant, hotel, etc, (Usual.S.Noun lnch 1 : a usually light meal especially : one taken in the middle of the day 2 : the food prepared for a lunch out to lunch slang : out of touch with reality lunch verb lunched; lunching; lunches, other Words from lunch.Established in 2003, our bar, restaurant and hotel is the perfect spot to come for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or for any celebration event.You would struggle to argue against.Lunch box, lunchbox n (for packed lunches) boîte dans laquelle on transporte son déjeuner boîte dans laquelle on transporte son déjeuner * (British) (male genitalia) engin m * lunch break, lunchbreak n heure f du déjeuner Some of them don't even bother with a lunch.

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And Canadian) an expression of agreement, (See also) check in check off check out checkup (C14: from Old French eschec a check at chess, hence, a pause (to verify something via Arabic from Persian shah the king!
I take a packed lunch to school. .
B (as modifier) checkout time 6 a counter, esp.
Nous déjeunons à midi et demie.
And Canadian) to correspond or agree this report checks with the other 8 tr (Chiefly.S., Canadian, and.Z.) to leave in or accept (clothing or property) for temporary custody 9 (Chess) to place (an opponent's king) in check 10 tr to mark with.Noun guarantee ger-n-t, gär-, ga-rn- also ger-n-t or gär-n-, ga-rn- 1 : guarantor 2 : guaranty sense 1 3 : an assurance for the fulfillment of a condition: such as a : an agreement by which one person undertakes to secure another in the possession.Box lunch n (US) panier-repas m buffet lunch n lunch-buffet m business lunch n déjeuner m d'affaires, she met with her agent for a business lunch.Lunch hour n heure f du déjeuner during the lunch hour à l'heure du déjeuner This colleague could only see me during the lunch hour to do sth in one's lunch hour faire classement ecole concours sesame qch à l'heure du déjeuner He regularly pops into the.Spelling of cheque 25 (Chiefly.S.) the bill in a restaurant 26 (Chiefly.S.From a hotel 2 intr to depart code promo printemps beauté from a place; record one's departure from work 3 to investigate or prove to be in order after investigation the police checked out all the statements, their credentials checked out 4 tr Informal to have a look.

B   (as modifier) a check list 22   a means or standard to ensure against fraud or error 23 the.S.