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German Oak/Bodkin/Ainigma realms beyond!
Klaus schulze - picture music (MIG 01502 CD: 1xBT, DP).00 - The album that defined the Schulze synth-sequencer style.
( Wiki of ) Quibbix / Obermair ( play:game ) Quinto / Sackson ( play:game ) Qwirkle / Ross ( ( Boardgamegeek ) Qwixx / Benndorf ( Boardgamegeek ) Rampage / Bauza.
Samla mammas manna - samla mammas manna (Silence srscd 3603: 2xBT, RE).00 - Sweden's RIO act were a little more restrained moody on their debut, though still remarkably creative, focusing on intensive rhythmic work fronted by dazzling keys interplay.
Clothearz - stig (Auricle amcdr 230: RM) CDR.00 - With much use of tape delay.OUT OF focus - wake UP!Hawkwind - warrior ON THE edge OF time (Atomhenge atomcd 1035: 1xBT, RM,DP).The album that made them famous, catchy but complex unique in style.Etron FOU leloublan - live AT THE rock IN opposition festival, 1978 - NEW london theatre (Replica RPC012: DP).00 - Excellent live recording at the first UK RIO festival by the French representative of the original RIO (along with Henry Cow, Samla Mammas.It's wondrous space music, often very understated mysterious, yet on occasions greatly dynamic powerful, a little towards Ragnar Grippe's "Ten Temperaments" too.Dropping the "International" this has a more folksy edge, proto Kebnekaise touches, a much more retrained tripped-out Arbete och Fritid meets Amon Duul feel.Records mprcd045: DP).00 - Minimal art-rock, systemic avant-garde music by ex-Pierrot Lunaire multi-instrumentalist.Electric orange - netto (Studio Fleisch sfcd01: DP, RE).00 - Extraordinary groove-along trippy Krautrock, another modern/retro/instrumental sizzler from Dirk Jan Müller.Eloy - ocean (Harvest : RM, RE).00 - 6th album (1977 Floydian space-rock classic, based on the Atlantis legend, synth guitar fronted with long tracks.

Endgame - protoplasm (Auricle amegd1: CC) CDR.00 - 1st gig rehearsal session.
Whatever, this certainly fascinates!
Alto stratus -.IT crawled OUT OF THE woodwork code promo petanque shop (Auricle amacdr 016) CDR.00 alto stratus/vrije - gravamina FOR uxoricide (Dark Star DSC.018) CDR.00 alto stratus - altered states (Auricle amcdr 212) CDR.00 - In concert studio.
Steve freeman - conundrum (Auricle amcdr 010: RE) CDR.00 - Sonic recycling.
Stephan micus - ocean (ECM : RE)., Micus' most haunting highly acclaimed album: floating, hypnotic, spell-binding.Their 3rd studio album, 2014.( play:game ) Formula Motor Racing / Knizia ( Table Games in the World ) For Sale / Dorra ( New Games Order ) Fortuna / Rieneck.Featuring Chris Conway, Dave Dhonau, Alan Freeman, Steve Freeman, Dave Powell, Jim Tetlow, some fine female vocal talent, etc.This also contains a track by The Ruts 3 tracks by Tractor.OUT OF focus - four letter monday afternoon (Kuckuck 12032-2: 1xBT, RE) 2CD.00 - Astounding double set, 3rd best by this revolutionary Krautrock band.