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Audencia nantes concours

5 The shako plumes are nicknamed Casoars ( cassowaries because they were first adopted in 1855 at the time of this colorful bird's first appearance in the Paris Zoo.
The school trained a large number of young officers and generals who served during the Napoleonic Wars.
The museum is located on Rivoli court.
The course is three years long and covers academic training, military strategy and theory, practice of war, training, physical training and leadership and organisational training.
Officer cadets at St-Cyr are commissioned officers.At the end of the first year, the cadets are presented with the Casoar (the red and white plumes on their shakos) and with their officer's sword.At the end of the second year, cadets are officially commissioned second lieutenants.Since 1802, 65,000 Saint-Cyriens have been trained, along with 2,000 international cadets.The Saint-Cyr cadets of the class of 191314, graduating ahead of time with the outbreak of World War I, reportedly vowed to lead their platoons in battle wearing the casoar on their service kepis.The school has links concours forces spéciales with both West Point and the Sandhurst Military Academy, including student exchanges.The Reserve Officers, Special Duty Officers and Aspirants trained at the ESM in short sessions are France's Fourth Battalion.The École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr eSM, literally the "Special Military School of Saint-Cyr is the foremost.

Motto edit Napoleon's original motto, " Ils s'instruisent pour vaincre " They study to overcome/conquer/win was changed by the restoration king, Louis xviii, to: " Ils s'instruisent pour la Défense de la Patrie " They study for the Defence of the Fatherland.
French military academy often referred to as, saint-Cyr (French pronunciation: s si ) located in, coëtquidan.
Each promotion (class) of the ESM is organised as a battalion.
1 3, french students who enter Saint-Cyr as cadets are about 21 years old, and undergo three years of training.
This is the grand soir or "big night".Le MBA dAudencia est classé parmi les meilleurs en Europe.L2, classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles de Commerce, voie Scientifique.Its motto is, ils s'instruisent pour vaincre, literally meaning "They study to vanquish" or, more freely put, "Training for victory".Graduates leave the school with the rank of lieutenant and join the specialist school of the branch they select for one additional year, before being assigned to a regiment to serve as a platoon leader.At the beginning of the first year, after boot camp, santelys prepa concours the cadets are welcomed with shakos granted to them by the third-year cadets.The cadets attend school from September to July.