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The 2" ClickLock system has therefore been built to be even more solid.
Using a T2 bajonet ring, you can also attach a SLR camera directly.
You will never again want to attach your 2" accessories using any other system!The extensive range available enables Baader details pour invites bon de reduction 2" ClickLock clamps to be used on a wide range of telescopes.(ClickLock clamps for Vixen and other brands are in preparation) 6 camera slotted screws / 6 Allen screws allow the position of rotation to be adjustable with.Baader 2" Schmidt-Cassegrain ClickLock clamp, also suitable for retrofitting various other telescope brands using a 2" thread with a ClickLock SC clamp.The brass clamping ring holds your accessories firmly without scratches.TS Optics is a Telescopic Service trademark.This SC clamp can be retrofitted to all previous Baader 2" star diagonals (Maxbright Baader/zeiss 2" prism and 2" Herschel prisms.LvBbNKsWSo " onclick"ef return false; p?id137 " onclick"ef return false; (Art.So even in the dark and without looking, candidature au concours you know whether the clamp is open or closed.For instance, you can place.25" eyepiece and a T2 extension tube and use this adapter for eyepiece projection with a camera.Adapter 2".25" with additional T2 thread on the eyepiece side.

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The additional T2 thread allows the adaptation of T2 accessories on the eyepiece side.
No additional accessories are required for the conversion.
A fine crafted adapter for 2" focusers - to adapt.25" accessories.Overview of the Baader 2" ClickLock system.Ml " onclick"ef return false; p?productid16455 " onclick"ef return false; m/astro-tech.The features of Baader 2 "ClickLock system in a nutshell: rotating the ClickLock just 20suffices to firmly and securely fix accessories.The eyepiece is locked by two screws.The Baader 2" ClickLock system is a further development of the.25" ClickLock clamp.Ml " onclick"ef return false; m/adaptor.The built-in ratchet indicates the position of the clamp both acoustically and by feel.

The heavy duty locking ring holds your expensive accessories absolutely securely, causing no scratches or pressure marks.
It' so easy: Simply unscrew the old screw clamp and screw in the CL SC clamp - ready!