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15 Activia's popularity in the United States is due to the growing public demand for natural products as well as the growing market of probiotics that came into vogue in the late 1990s.
Danone said it had scientific evidence to back up its assertions.
30 Further the US litigation and the EU health claims law, and just before the decision of the efsa on Activia, Danone thus decided to change Activia communication and marketing.The market there is currently worth 164m per year.But according to the Federal Trade Commission, commercials and claims on Activia packages are deceptive and Danone exaggerates the yogurt's health benefits.19 Activia, Actimel and Danonino account for more than half of the total worldwide yogurt sales."Dannon, Coca-Cola, you guys have some nerve"."Danone yogurts revived with pleasure"."Danone:a global leader in healthy food".The following year, sales increased promo vacances septembre france by 50 in the US market."Danone debuts probiotic yoghurt Activia in 69th country: Australia".24 Most of the time, efsa rejects companies' claims due to the lack of scientific evidence.The colon is responsible for absorbing water from partially digested food and storing stool for later elimination.37 The EU health claims law edit In 2006, a European regulation demanded that health food companies come up with the scientific evidence to back their labeling and advertising.

3 Introductions into new countries edit 1987: France 1988: Belgium, Spain, and the United Kingdom 1989: Italy 2002: Russia, Japan 2003: America 2004: Canada 2005: Africa, China, and the United States.
24 Controversies in the United States edit Litigation in 2010 edit Streptococcus thermophilus, also from the same sample of Activia yogurt. .
Muscles lining the intestinal walls contract and relax to move food through your body but when you have IBS these contractions tend to be stronger or last longer than normal.
In the 2010 Activia TV commercials, a voiceover explains : "Activia eaten every day is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system in two weeks".Activia products thus contain.Archived from the original on External links edit Official website (France) Activia USA whatisbifidusregularis.15 In 2006, Activia sales reached 130 million, in the US alone.32 Debates surrounding health claims on probiotic foods edit See also: Health claims on food labels Some experts say that there is evidence that probiotic strains reduce diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and duration of colds.13 Breakfast pots (with crunchy clusters vanilla, honey, peach Africa edit In the Republic of South Africa, flavors include pear, mango, dried apricot, kiwi, fiber and prune.18 The success of Activia has increased the health yogurt market.29 But Danone has been accused of deceptive advertising.Learn More, this website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience.46 References edit "Europe puts health claims to the test".

25 Activia products, that are considered as functional foods, are priced about two dollars higher than other yogurts.
43 Danone agreed to pay US21 million to 39 states that had coordinated investigations with the FTC.
According to the brand, Activia "helps regulate your digestive system" when eaten on a daily basis.